Firelands Winery

Welcome to Firelands Winery

The premier winery both locally and within the state of Ohio, has been a leader in the emergence and popularity of regional American wines. Consumers throughout the country are searching for high quality wines native to their region, and Firelands has responded by producing nationally acclaimed wines from locally grown grapes.

Thanks to ongoing research, new technology and continuing commitment to producing quality wines, Firelands is making extraordinary wines available at reasonable prices. Wine drinkers across Ohio are starting to appreciate what they have in their own back yard, as our reputation spreads throughout the state and the nation.

Firelands was also the pioneer in establishing European Vinifera grape varieties in the East. Introducing these vines, and subsequently new wines, to the area has only added to Firelands gaining a distinctive reputation as a premier winery. In the past decade, new plantings of grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling, Pinot Grigio, etc., have begun to flourish in the vineyards right beside the prolific native American grapes. Our island vineyards produce these and other varieties, which are used to create our nationally and internationally acclaimed, award winning estate, bottled Firelands Wines. (Click below to learn more about our Island Vineyards).

A tour of Firelands winery will give you an opportunity to see first hand how our wine is made. Your unique vantage point from our tour balcony will give you a clear view of the cellars, bottling room, champagne cellars, and warehouse. You will be able to see and experience an authentic working winery, taste our products, and browse our wine boutique and gift shop.

We at Firelands are dedicated to producing the highest quality wines. We believe that wine is a natural beverage that can significantly enhance the quality and enjoyment of life. With pride and passion, we have produced a variety of wines that we are sure you will enjoy!